Our Roots

Linda began her working career in 1984.

 Working with an entrepreneur who founded Tiara Motor Coach. This experience proved invaluable as Linda rose through the ranks of the organization, she was asked to troubleshoot quality concerns with the customers. She developed a keen sense of manufacturing, quality control and “root cause” analysis.  In 1995, Linda was asked to join the Rush Trucking Corporation on the Executive team as its Quality Manager.  She was instrumental in helping Rush Trucking establish policies, procedures, and compliance that resulted in the company’s success as an ISO Certified Corporation.

 Rush Trucking ranks among the top 50 largest minority transportation companies in America. In 2002, Ms. McMahan was asked to lead the corporation as Vice President of Operations, where she established several quality services’ awards and assisted Rush Trucking in navigating through the many changes the Auto Industry experienced due to the impact of 9/11.  

As Rush Trucking expanded into various markets, Linda recognized that a need existed for finished vehicle transportation. This was an industry that with her leadership and touch, she could make an impact, and leave her footprint of exceptional customer service.  Borrowing on her heritage, Six Nations Inc was born in 2005, when Linda left Rush to start her own business. Six Nations Inc is EDWOSB Certified.

Linda McMahan is active in the community, serving as a member of the Native American Business Alliance, the Michigan Minority Business Development Council, to name a few.